Myanmar Traditional Oil Press Maker – “Wooden Mortars & Pestles”

Last 15 years ago, especially Myanmar people who live in village widely use Traditional Oil Press Maker called “Oil Mortars & Pestles” making by wooden. It can press for ground nuts, sunflower, sesame seed, dry coconut fragment and other many seeds and nuts that you want by using oil press. Most of Myanmar people press groundnut and sun flower seeds to produce oil for their daily need to cook foods. The mainly use of sesame oil is in medical treatment so people also press sesame seeds to produce sesame oil. People use coconut oil for health and beauty, especially for glossy skin and hair.

What is Traditional Oil Pressing Machine and how it work
Traditional Oil Maker “Mortars and Pestles” are especially made by wood. How to create “Mortars and Pestles? At first we need the big stem part of tree. After that we carve to became the shape of “Mortars and Pestles” by sculpting and abrading and pestle and yoke of Traditional Oil Pressing maker.

People ride on a body of oil mill, powered by an ox to pull the body of machine in circles and to grind peanuts. The ox plodded around and around about 90 minutes. Finally all peanuts become peanut expeller cake and the oil dripped out form the hole of mortar.
Where and what season do press peanut oil

If we travel through lush green countryside of near around Bagan, Mandalay and some village cultivate ground nut, sesame seeds and sun flower seeds. Although most people press peanuts oil in summer, there are some people press peanuts for 12 months.
How about the Feeling of ride on the body of oil miller

Although that is just work for adult, children are extremely happy to ride on the body of oil miller. At the school vacation, children and their friends ride together on the body of oil miller and play in the field near around of oil miller. So parent can also work with peace for their children.

This traditional oil pressing is really nice culture to show and the creation of the Myanmar Traditional Oil Press Machine are absolutely amazing. We love traditional oil pressing as a result of good quality oil and its culture.

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