People Rowing with Leg and Float Village in Inle Lake

Although most of people usually row the boat with their hand, but in Inle lake, the villager usually used to rowing the boat with their leg. This is the traditional culture since over hundreds years ago. Not only men but also women and children row like the men.

The fishermen of this lake can also catch the fishes with net by rowing with leg with professionally.
These people called Inthar who live in the Inle Lake which is one of the major tourist destination place of Myanmar and located in the southern of Shan State.

Inle Lake is the second largest freshwater lake of Myanmar and it is surrounded by blue range mountain and 900 meters above sea level. The lake Surface area is 44.9 sq miter and 1.5 meter depth in dry season and 3.7 m in monsoon season.
The villager make a living by making woven, handicraft, floating agriculture and fishing.

One of the things that tourist interesting is cultivation the plants on float area. Firstly the villager need to pile bamboo or teak wood with the floating weed and water hyacinth become floating islands. After this process, they used to cultivate the vegetable and fruits on it.

Another is making woven for monk robe and fabric with Lotus thread.
Inle – Phaung Taw OO religious event is famous in Myanmar and people from all over the country are come and join to this event because it is very preponderate according the past history. It is held one time per year, at that time normally crowded.

Both local visitors and tourists like the feeling of visit in Inle lake by exploring with boat. You can see the amazing view of Inle Lake with blue range mountain, you can get the natural fresh air, you can also see and feel the natural beauty of sun rise and sun set, numerous birds species of the regions. There are flexible and suitable motel, guest house with traditional house design.
So we would like to invite to Shan State especially to Inle lake with amazing culture.

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