How to explore without Local guide in Yangon

If you love the travelling without local tour leader for budget to Myanmar epically to Yangon City. Here are the tour attractive places of Yangon.
Firstly you should know about the Yangon, it is the business city and international port, airport. It is the largest city among other cities of Myanmar. The population is 7.4 Million according the 2018 Data and near 12% of Myanmar’s Population. From many cities of people come to Yangon and stay for work.

You can see the colorful people type in Yangon like local race, Chinese people, Indian People, Muslim people and other foreign people.
Let’s start for exploring to Yangon.
When you arrive Yangon International Airport, you can also hire the airport taxi at taxi stand or you can ride the airport shuttle with Myanmar Kyat 500 (0.4 USD) till down town area. The famous places of down town area are Sule Pagoda, Mahabandula Park, A colonial-era building, Bogyoke Market, Kandawgyi Lake, Shwe Dagon Pagoda, Botataung Pagoda Port, China Town, Night Market beside Yangon River.

When you take the shuttle off in end of down town’s bus stop, firstly you should visit to Sule Pagoda or center of Yangon. You can learn the traditional habits of Myanmar people and the art of Myanmar’s architect. The next is Mahabandula Park and it is locate beside of Sule Pagoda. People resting and playing there.

You can visit to A colonial-era building in down town area and it is near the Sule Pagoda because of Yangon has recognized as Burmese capital and the highest number of colonial buildings among the south East Asian cities.
Walk for 15 minutes from Sule Pagoda to Bogyoke Market, it is the marketplace for Myanmar traditional product and local products such as handicraft, painting, gem and jewelry and other traditional clothes, accessories and so on.

After that you can go for the Landmark and famous pagoda of Myanmar, it was built by last 2600 years ago. It was built with Lord of Buddha enrich (4 hairs) and you can learn the traditional architecture, Buddha’s history, Buddhism culture. There has 4 stairs to reach to the Pagoda platform. You can also go to the Kandawgyi Lake from there for 15 minutes by walking.

Above the tour destination places of Yangon, it may be nearly evening. It is time to go to Botataung Pagoda because you can feel the fresh air from river and this pagoda is beside the river. After relaxing and sightseeing at Botataung Pagoda, you should visit the China Town market, there has very crowed shopper and consumers. After visiting there, try to taste the dinner in Night Market with local food.
Wish to all you for a happy exploring day for Yangon within one day.
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