Why should you visit towards Irrawaddy Dolphin?

How do you think if you can save the Dolphin’s living by travelling? We think you will never unforgettable this trip because you will learn about the lovely and helping culture of Dolphins and feel the fresh nature of along the Irrawaddy River bank and fishermen culture of them.
The Irrawaddy dolphins are species of oceanic dolphin and found in the coast area of South East Asia. Nowadays dolphins are rare to found and people called the freshwater dolphins from all over the world as Irrawaddy Dolphins because figuratively by founding in Irrawaddy River. Dolphins are type of mammals and its foods are fish, cephalopods, and crustaceans according by the research.

In Myanmar, dolphin’s pastures are Irrawaddy River especially BanMaw City and above the Mandalay City of near the Irrawaddy river. Currently about 70 dolphins living in Irrawaddy River by saving from Myanmar Fishery Organization and World life conservation.
Early February of 2017, Myanmar Fishery Organization and Wildlife Conservation Society singed MOU for Irrawaddy dolphins Protect area and educate the people who live the near area of Dolphin pastures. Since last years ago, dolphins are low genital cause by fishing with mining, electric shocking and poison foods in Irrawaddy River. Not only Irrawaddy Dolphins species are rare but also it is the figurehead of ASEAN.

Fishing in Myanmar Irrawaddy Fishing

Dolphins are always help the fishermen to indicate the places of small fishes living. So fishermen are always called dolphins with the sounds by knocking their ship’s body with wooden stick. So if people save the Dolphin’s Living, the fishing area will bigger and job opportunity will appear more and earn money.
Have you ever seen the dolphins help the people? According my mother travelling experiences, when she went to Kachin State for business with public ship. When the ship arrived the near of Banmaw Port, the ship stopped because of it is on sandbank. At that time, the ship helper called the dolphins and help from them because Dolphins well known the river path and indicate the river path to escape from sandbank. After that the ship follow the dolphins and found the right way. This is real experience.
In this dolphins trip, you can learn how to deal with Dolphins and how to use Myanmar Traditional fishermen’s net and how to catching the fishes. You can also learn about the weaving, traditional cigar making workshop and pottery workshop. The other attractive things is to see the Gold Deer and wildlife scared Forest. If you have a time, you can also visit to Mingun Stupa in Mandalay Division.

Dolphins tour in Myanmar
Irrawaddy dolphin tour

If you visiting there, the local people will come earn extra money by selling local products, you can educate the people to well know the dolphins nature and they will also love and save like you and you will learn the newest experiences. So if you have a plan to explore to Myanmar, I believe this is one of the remembrances memory in your life.

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