World Famous Ice Mountain of Northern Myanmar

If you love the Eco-tourism with amazing and unforgettable feeling, we would like to warmly invite to you to visit the Northern Myanmar – Especially Kachin State. It is one of the world famous places because of there has the highest ice mountains not only Myanmar but also in South East Asian.
It seem like a world famous exquisiteness painting because you can see and feel the beauty of Ice Mountains, Nature of Blue Range Mountains and amazing landscapes.

Although you don’t need too much spend, you can feel the fresh and nature of beauty. In this article, we present to tell you about the highest Mountain of Kachin state.
Let’s start our starting point from Yangon International Airport.
We have to buy the Yagon-Myitkyinar Air ticket and when we arrived on Myitkyinar Airport, we will go towards Putao city because northern mountains located the west of this city.
You have to bring the main three: Cold resistant Tent & Sleeping Bag, Air Mat, first aid box, personal accessories (Portable and Light things prefer), light and lasting instance foods.


There have many mountains and Mount Hkakabo Razi is the highest one and 19,295 feet high from sea level and surround with Hkakabo Razi National park which is one of the ever green rain forest. There have semi-deciduous forest, needle-leaves snow forest, and the alpine. Only the expert of mountain claimer go there cause it being the highest.
Another mountains are
Mt.Gamlang Razi 19,259 feet
Mt.Dindaw Razi 17,927 feet
Mt.Tami Razi 16,736 feet
Mt.Tasudo Razi 15,883 feet
Mt.Madoi Razi 15,144 feet
Mt.Tani Razi 15,026 feet
Mt.Phangran Razi 14,199 feet
Mt.Noi Madwe 14,170 feet
Among those mountains, you can trekking to Mt.Phangran Razi and Mt. Phonyin Razi with local tour agency.
Mt. Phangran Razi is 14,199 feet from sea level and near the Indian border and far 95 Km from Putao. There have a Lisu tribe villages. It is covered by white snow and nature forest and there decorate with bamboo forest, temperate forest, alpine and pine wood forest.
Phonyin Razi is 14,049 feet in height and it is a little far and rough towards the peak but the peak view is very exciting and attraction for every person who over on it. This area is also surrounded by vegetation zones, it include temperate forest, bamboo forest, and alpine pinewood forest.
So if you want to explore to the nature ice mountain of Myanmar with budget and unforgettable experiences, do not miss to hiking to the ice mountain of Myanmar. Welcome Kachin State.

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