World’s Largest Book, Top place of Mandalay

The world’s largest book is the top places and one of the tour attractive destination of Mandalay. It is located at the foot of Mandalay hill. Although people normally called as Ku Tho Daw Pagoda because of royal merit but the especially name is Lawka Marazein. It was built by King Mindom in 1857 with marble stone tablets. Lawka Marazein listed in 2013 by UNESCO as the memory of World register.
There are 729 marble tablets about the Dhamma with inscription by Buddha’s canon (Parli language) that why people cannot read and only monks read whose learn Parli Language. If people can’t read, why the King Mindom built it, which opinion?

This is the precious and unvalued words for Buddhism people. At ancient period, especially monks are usually used to rote learning because of at that time not happen paper, note book and something like this. That why monk rote with viral to recognized Dhamma in their memory. In later used and write on palm leaf. After that write on marble stone to keep till new Buddhism generation.

You can see the amazing art of Ancient Myanmar architect for nearly 8 years. It is known as Fifth Synod Took Place for Lord of Buddha’s dhamma. It was the systematically built and there have 3 courtyard step by step. First courtyard built with brick pya that (it means building) which included 42 marble tablets, the second courtyard built with brick pyathat which included 168 marble tablets and the final (the third) one with 519 marbles tablets. Each marble page has 5 feet high, 3.5 feet width and 13 centimeters thick. Between the marbles tablets grow over 100 years old trees such star-flower tree and other trees was cultivated by Moe Byal officer as his donation.

Kuthodaw Pagoda, the largest book in the world. Built in 1853. 729 stupas each contains one page of Tripitaka text, Paper version was 38 volumes of 400 pages each.

Do you know there are the best place to shoot in Mandalay? That why if you have a plan to visit to Myanmar, The world’s largest book (Kuthodaw Pagoda) is one of the place you should visit.

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